Receipts Data Entry Services

Receipts Data Entry Services

Outsource Receipts Data Entry Services

Most Trusted Firm for Receipts Data Entry, Scanning, OCR, Digitization:

  • Online/Offline Receipts Data Entry and Processing Solutions
  • Data Capture from Receipts (We accept complex Receipts also)
  • Image Data Entry/processing for Receipts
  • Receipts Scanning services, we digitize accurate receipts into soft version
  • Data Processing for Receipts for bulk or large volume of receipts
  • OCR services for Receipts with high-end OCR technology
  • Input: Scanned images, handwritten receipts, printed receipts or any types of format.
  • Output: MS Excel, MS words, Text, XML

Industry we serve for Receipts Data Entry & Processing – Insurance, finance, retail store, Logistics, grocery store, Government, banking, Legal company, Publication, real estate, Travel & Tourism, Utility, Insurance, Automotive, account firm, Food & Beverage, HR, Sports, University, education, Telecom, Hospitality, shopping mall, super market, marketplace, Restaurant menu Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare and all vertical industries.

Businesses sure need an acknowledgment or a proof that something has been paid or purchase in order to eliminate the possibilities of later confusions in auditing. A system must include the following to process manual receipts: deposit dates and system date; original document type (regular invoice, recurring invoice, unapplied receipts, charge back invoice, and credit memo); matching document type to change, adjust, or void the receipts; and type of input codes that applies to the receipt to either unprocessed, balance forward, invoice match, disallow account, charge back, etc .

Sparx BPO creates a system that processes any type of receipt forms that you can use with your business— from small retail stores to large enterprises such as malls and hotels. They update invoices for payments, work with other types of receipts, work with invoice match receipts, approve and post receipts, work with alternate methods of application, revise receipts, and print receipt information. Sparx BPO has a team of professionals data entry specialist that develop a wide array of system processing including receipts data entry services, aiming to help any business person the great comfort of financing security, trouble-free inputs, and giving precise outputs. So if you’re an individual who is starting a business, don’t settle for a manual bookkeeping, devise an innovative method that will help you with you accounts. Contact Sparx BPO for Receipts, bill and Invoice data entry services.

Our Receipts Data Entry Services:

  • Our high quality receipts data entry services include  data entry of payment receipts of retail stores, keyboarding of school fees acknowledgement, gift store receipt data entry, electricity bills receipt punching, telephone bills receipt keying, hotel bills receipt data entry, restaurant receipt data entry, hotel receipt data entry, and more.
  • Our experts extract the amount from all of the different receipts a client needs processed, as well as other important details such as expanse category, currency, receipt dates, and more, and input the data into a specified by the client file format such as MS Excel, MS Word, Text, PDF, and more. We can also create easy to use database with the important data where clients can retrieve everything they need.
  • Our receipts data entry services also include data verification which is very important for the whole process and the growth of the business.
  • Clients can also rely on our quick and quality on-demand receipt form data entry services 24/7 together with our customer support to manage easily every problem and find a quick solution for the questions of each of our clients.
  • Our receipts data entry services provide both online and offline data entry for clients who also receive high quality and 99.99% accuracy with our services.
  • Our team of experts has years of experience in the field of receipts data entry and can manage even the most unexpected challenges in the field with the help of the latest tools and technology.
  • Our receipts data entry services have fast turnaround time with maximum security and accuracy of the data in order to ensure long-term relationships with our clients who we aim to have 100% satisfaction for their businesses.
  • A company that wants effective receipts data entry services can rely on our team to deliver successfully and quality receipt data extraction from all hard copy and soft copy documents.


Why Choose Us for Receipts Data Entry Services:

  • 14+ Years of Experience in Receipts Data Entry and Processing
  • Highest-Level of Quality Standard
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • In-Depth Knowledge in Receipts Entry
  • Dedicated Team for Each Receipts Project
  • We Think Strategically
  • We Work Hard and Bring Creative Ideas
  • We Deliver What We Say – On Time
  • We Strive for Excellence in All that We Do
  • 100% Data Security and Confidentiality
  • 24/7 World-Class Customer Support
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 99.9% Accuracy on Work
  • Quick Processing Time
  • Excellent Track Record in Receipts data entry
  • We Tailor Our Services to the Specific Needs
  • We Bring Results to our Clients
  • Our Motto – Long-Term Business Relationship

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Case Study – Receipts, Bills, Invoices Data Entry Projects

  • Ongoing receipts processing for retail company – end-to-end receipts solutions for one of the biggest retail firm.
  • Large Volume of receipts data capture services for giant Telecommunication company
  • Payment receipts OCR solutions for USA’s leading financial services provider agency



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