Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Let’s grow together!

Join the Sparx BPO Company and take your venture to new heights. Sparx BPO has associated with some of the well known organizations in the industry and offers win-win alliances to its esteemed partners. We work towards creating better brand value, more market opportunities and increased revenue and profits. Our associations are based on mutual trust and understanding and we associate with organizations in a way that each of our partners gets a non-competitive environment to grow. So let’s put joint efforts and achieve outstanding results! You can choose any of the following partnership arrangements.

1. Offshore Outsourcing Partner

Let geographical constraints not bind your work!  Become our Offshore Outsourcing Partner and let your business grow with lower operational costs and better time and market management. You can now be proactive and promptly respond to changes in the market and technology to get first-move advantage over other players. We provide customized and sound solutions even for the most complex tasks. Focus on your core expertise and get competitive advantage by becoming an Offshore Outsourcing Partner at Sparx BPO.

2. Referral Partner

Got a friend, a neighbor or a colleague who needs our services? Refer our site and get a share in our success! Sparx BPO would love to partner and share its growth with you through a fixed commission on our special Referral program. Our sales team will keep you updated with the latest technical information and sales techniques and guide you for expanding your client base so that we grow together. So become our referral partner and add revenue to your existing business by getting automated monthly payments of commissions!

3. Reseller Partner

At Sparx BPO, you can get access to endless opportunities of growth by integrating with us and forwarding our services which will be tailored to the needs of your clients. Becoming our reseller partner is the easiest and fastest way of scaling up your business quickly and with minimum investment. As a reseller partner, you get access to our state-of-the-art facilities, tools and expertise at competitive prices.  By following our best practices, you can increase your returns exponentially and gain competitive advantage.

4. Joint Venture

Be a part of the Sparx BPO community and get access to the best resources and markets. By getting into a joint venture with Sparx BPO, you can expand your venture and stay ahead of your competitors. We conduct training and development programs for our associates and give them access to our distribution channels. We make arrangements and deals which will benefit both the organizations. By focusing on our core expertise, we can complement each other to accelerate our growth for a longer period of time.