Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Sparx BPO is your best one-stop solution for website, portal and web, mobile application development and BPO solutions. Our team of developers and other experts is our greatest asset that builds robust websites for taking our clients’ business to the next level. By using state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology that suits our client’s requirements, we offer customized solutions using various platforms like Web, CMS, Ecommerce, Web Portals, Mobile Applications.

To ensure a smooth and error-free development process, we at Sparx BPO systematically go through the following steps and keep our clients updated at each phase of development.

1. The Design Phase:

This is the very first phase where the client and the multi-disciplinary strategists at Sparx BPO closely work together. The team gathers complete information about the client’s business and their objectives of online activities. Based on the clients’ specifications the strategists develop a site blueprint which is discussed in detail and approved by the client. After working out the back-end processes, the design experts work on creative and appealing front-end details of the site and show a user-interface prototype to the client. After all the front and back-end details are approved, the Sparx BPO team moves on to make the system design.

2. The System Design Phase:

This phase includes detailed system architecture and an assessment of all required plug-ins. There is defined mapping of services, security layers, page layout and navigation and documentation. Here all the features of the site or application are defined which are finally approved by the client.

3. The Development Phase:

Here the actual programming of modules and customization takes place. The team at Sparx BPO that comprises of multi-disciplinary experts including programmers, strategic analysts, designers and other personnel work in harmony to build a user-friendly and robust interface by simultaneously working on the back-end and front-end details. Here features for easy data entry and management are developed which is followed by testing and debugging of the entire integrated system.

4. Applying Coding Standards and Best Practices:

All our modules and programs are developed using proper and standard coding system which is applicable across different platforms like Windows, Apple as well as mobile platforms like Android and gives a similar look and feel of the site on devices using different technological base. A standard code also makes it easier for maintaining the site as well as modifying the scale of business in future.

5. Review and Testing Phase:

After documentation and standardization of codes, the source codes are put through audits followed by unit testing done by the developers to check the working of each feature and function in the system.

6. Going Live:

This final phase involves configuration of settings on the server and taking the site live. A final testing of all features put together precedes the live phase to check the stability and performance of the site. After the site goes live, all the required data is entered into the system and the admin interface is handed over to the client.

7. Quality Assurance:

At each step, the team checks and even re-checks for bugs and loopholes. Our standard coding system goes through a number of tests followed by a thorough check of the site to make sure that the website or portal works seamlessly. After installation, we conduct regular maintenance of the client’s site and also offer complete technical as well training support so that our clients do not face any difficulties while conduction their online activities.