LinkedIn Data Collection Services

LinkedIn Data Collection Services

Outsource LinkedIn Data Collection Services

Compiling a huge set of data is a remarkably overwhelming task to do. Information about a business and contact references alone could come in millions of information strands and with innumerable duplication and similarities on accounts. In fact, filtering a database of people to derive a useful data set would entail the expertise of the people who are into artificial intelligence and information technology. Let alone the information from LinkedIn, a business and employment-defined portal, is already a huge data to handle. Yes, it is indeed a rich source of information for the right linkages and connection but mishandling of the data sets therein could lead to a disaster.

Data collection process and all its sub-functions are not necessarily left to the hands of your business or company. In fact, business process outsourcing is but a smart option to take for companies to address their needs on having the right data to be collected in a database that LinkedIn has. What the company should focus on is to be able to land with the right partner for its Linked data collection service needs. There is nowhere else to go if you seek excellence and quality but to us. Take on the reliable recommendations of our team and experience the most appropriate Linked data sets for your business’ needs.

We offer LinkedIn data collection services for Recruitment agency, Employment, HR (Human Resource), Legal (Law Firms), Sports, university, College, School, Mortgage, healthcare, Insurance, Finance, university alumni, IT (Information Technology), Logistic, Ecommerce Store / shopping cart (Product based website), Retail, real estate, Travel & Tourism, Doctors, training institute,Software, Telecom, publication, Professors, Education, Hospitality, Banking, media, Plumbers, Grocery, Restaurants, stock market, Automobile, Courier, food & beverage company.

Our LinkedIn Data Collection Services:

– Extracting the exact names (first and last) from LinkedIn profiles

– Collecting person’s designation to match the job data being collected

– Gathering of a complete and accurate contact details like email addresses, social media accounts, contact numbers and their references which is available.

– Harvesting information on profiles’ work and business experiences

– Collating business and persons’ certifications and accreditation details

– Taking a list of every persons’ interests, hobbies, etc.

– we collect person’s current and past companies name.

– we extract profile link, photos from their profile.

– we collect person’s education detail along with school, college and university.

– gathering person’s current city, state and country names.

– Customizing the data collection specifications according to clients’ demands


Our Process for LinkedIn Data Collection Services:

  • Discussion: Our service could not commence without a discussion with our prospect clients. This part serves as an avenue of understanding the client.
  • Suggestion and Pricing: We deliberately provide a competent pricing and packages to our clients based on their needs as we suggest combination of services that we offer to them, including the number of workers in the team and the timeline.
  • Project Approval: The right decision starts from our clients’ approval on the terms and conditions on the packages that they choose to be undergone for their business. In this part, all agreements are being finalized.
  • Start Project: With determination, our project team will execute the necessary processes to be able to come up with the right set of data for the clients.
  • QC (Quality Check): From time to time, the quality of the output will be inspected and verified by an independent team of auditors to assure that results are delivered to the clients, right the first time.
  • Deliver: For whatever preferred mode of delivery that our clients defined, we provide them with the finished products that would suit to their needs.

Why you Choose us:

  • Highly competent professionals in the field of information technology
  • Consultation sessions that is given as bonus
  • Digging the roots of the business to come up with fruitful solutions
  • Quality assurance on the result
  • History of increase of data from previous and current clients
  • Working out-of-the-box and meets the results that are above the expectations of the clients
  • Innovations that truly provides value to results
  • Accurate output
  • Flexible pricing scheme


To know more about our Work Sample for LinkedIn Data Collection Projects Click Here

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Click Here to see our Case Studies for Data Collection from LinkedIn Website.

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