Legal Documents Typing Services

Legal Documents Typing Services

Outsource Legal Documents Typing Services

Every business generates forms and documents. Undeniably, a part of these pile of information are generated from legal processes that the company deals with from time to time. Data entry jobs for legal documents are critical to handle because of the confidentiality and sensitiveness of the issues in the such as legal cases, client profile, agreements and other personal data. Transferring hard copies of legal documents into soft digital ones would require more than just typing expertise but also sufficient familiarity on the legal terms.

In order to approach the needs of every firm for legal documents typing services effectively, it is recommended that they outsource such service from a typing jobs service provider that is capable in both handling the legalities of the requirements and the speed of transferring the information. With that, we offer the following services to our clients.

Our Legal Documents Typing Services:

Legal Documents Typing Services:

  • Our team certainly knows how the format and terminologies used in legal documents are different from other generic files. We have people who are equipped in completing such tasks.

Deeds Typing Services:

  • Our expertise in deeds typing has been proven effective as we deliver accurate typewritten data for this property ownership documents.

Research Papers Typing Services:

  • Whether it is in paragraph or tabular format, we are highly efficient in typing legal data from research papers that are vital in the business.

Business Documents Typing Services:

  • We understand how important it is for firms to comply with the legal requirements of their industry. Thus, business documents typing service is one aspect that we carefully do and deliver to our clients.

Property Papers Typing Services:

  • Details on property papers must be encoded with high level of correctness. This is what we are best in doing as well.

Medical Data Typing Services:

  • For medical documents that are necessary in any legal process, we have a team of encoders who are highly familiar on the relevance of medical papers into any legal process.

University Papers Typing Services:

  • University papers that will be considered as authentic and legal require proper transfer of information from one platform to another. Thus, we assign data encoders who are experts in such typing jobs.

Legal Certificates Typing Services:

  • All certifications for legal purposes, whether it be HR-related, purchasing, business operations, delivery and others, we set them with ease on our end but with sure quality for our clients.

Why Choose Us for Legal Documents Typing Services:

  • 14+ Years of Experience in Legal Document Typing Services
  • Highest-Level of Quality Standard
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • In-Depth Knowledge in Legal Document Typing Services
  • Dedicated Team for Each Project
  • We Think Strategically
  • We Work Hard and Bring Creative Ideas
  • We Deliver What We Say – On Time
  • We Strive for Excellence in All that We Do
  • 100% Data Security and Confidentiality
  • 24/7 World-Class Customer Support
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 99.9% Accuracy on Work
  • Quick Processing Time
  • Excellent Track Record in Legal Document Typing Services
  • We Tailor Our Services to the Specific Needs
  • We Bring Results to our Clients
  • Our Motto – Long-Term Business Relationship

Our Process: Legal Document Typing Services:

To ensure fast turn-around, we established our process in the standard business to client process and instilled the use of updated technologies.

  • Determining Legal Requirements:
    We start up by hearing out the set of specifications from our client through deliberation and consultation meetings. Our team then sets the favorable timeline of the delivery of results prior commencement of the legal documents typing jobs.
  • Approval of Samples:
    We provide sample output to clients for them to validate if their requirements are being met. As soon as the initial part of the legal documents typing process has been approved, our team of data encoders will then commence its data encoding and typing jobs for the rest of the documents with similar requirements.
  • Data Entry Phase:
    Providing the team with the technological tools, manpower complement, budget and communication schemes required comes next in the process. All data that are needed to be analyzed and processed will then be carried out by the team into a useful result for the client.
  • Quality Assurance Phase for Legal Documents:
    Every time an output has been produced, we have another team to audit and perform quality assurance checking where the requirements of the clients will be matched against the actual output of the team.
  • Delivery Phase:
    We deliver the results every batch or as the entire project, depending on the agreement. Transfer of data can be done through FTP process or directly to the clients’ server or portal.
  • Feedback from Client:
    Although we assure our clients that there will be minimal to no reworks that will be required from us because of the quality of our output, we do not end every project contract without them being satisfied. Every feedback about the results of the legal documents typing jobs or additional assistance that the client might need will be handled by our customer service team.
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