Jewelry Image Editing Services

Jewelry Image Editing Services

Outsource Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Taking the right photo of your jewellery is no joke. A photoshoot of your jewellery is perhaps the trickiest thing. The photo quality can deteriorate very easily even by a small negligence. Any poorly taken photo of your jewellery can be embarrassing for both you and your company.

Sparx BPO is a leading photo editing service which has specialization in jewellery. We are serving for the jewellery for several years now. From small business houses to leading brands, we have worked with all kind of customers and never failed to satisfy their photo retouching requirements.

Your trouble with your defective photo can come to an end only with us. Contact us if you want a rightly enhanced photo for a more profitable and thriving jewellery business.

How it Works:

  • Give us the details about your requirements
  • An email will be followed carrying the quote
  • Pay us and confirm the job
  • Get the required product within the given time

Why us?

Quality: Our high end jewellery photos make us standing out in the jewellery photo editing industry. Our highly professional editors with their tears of experience provide you the quality of service of which no other editing service provider can think of. If you want a best quality services keeping in mind all your needs then we are the best option.

Time: We have a good name in the industry for our time efficiency. If you have got an emergency or a close deadline, you can trust us with your job. Let us know about your requirements and we will duly deliver you the enhanced photo in a very short time.

Pricing: Pricing is something we try to keep at its minimum. We understand the value of your money and, thus, never let the bill appear unaffordable. The combination of low pricing with the high quality products is what makes us a unique company.

What is Jewelry Photo Retouching Services?

Everybody cannot afford pro photographers or can arrange for a perfect photoshoot but for the sake of the good reputation of your jewellery business the photos of your jewellery must come out at its best. It is there where the role of a photo editing company comes in. They can rightly help you with your somewhat defective or dull photo. Their expert editors can give your photos the required enhancements which will make those perfect ones.

Jewelry Photo Editing Services at Sparx BPO

Contrast adjustment and shadow improvement of provided Jewelry Photos:

Proper contrast is a basic thing for any kind of photo and the photos of your jewellery is no exception. If your photos does not have the right amount of contrast and brightness, it may look dull. The photo editors can fix this problem by adjusting the contrast according to the necessity. They can also help you with the shadow which is another factor of the photos. The shadows contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the photo and the editors can proceed with shadow improvements if your photo needs any.

Give a proper shinning of given Jewelry Images:

Shinning is an important part of jewellery industry. A proper shinning makes the jewellery look more appealing and attracting.  A jewellery image with the right shinning will definitely draw more buyers than a dull looking photo. If there is a missing shine in the photos you can contact any photo retouching services to give it a proper touch up. This will definitely contribute to the growth of your sales.

Stain removal from Jewelry Photos:

Any kind of stain, scratch or blemishes can be distracting and unattractive. Your photos may carry defects in them and that is why you need to seek guidance of expert photo editors. They can eliminate those defects without making the photo look unreal.

Improving backgrounds from given Jewelry Images:

When it comes to the images of jewellery, background retouching is needed almost every time. The clearer the background the more impressive the sales; it is a very common rule of jewellery industry. Expert jewelry image retouching services can add proper backgrounds to your photos making those attractive enough.

Jewelry Photo shadow creation

Jewelry photos typically look unattractive in their raw, format. Hence the need for a more professional look. In this case we implement jewelry shadow creation. We can implement this solution and improve the quality of your jewelry photos by including shadow and/or create 3D effects.

Jewelry Image Color Correction

Jewelry color correction is an essential part of photo editing used to enhance, or change the color of your jewelry images. This editing is primarily applied to different jewelry photography types by color correction. Depending on the type of jewelry image and what you want we will implement professional color correction techniques to give you a perfect solution.

Jewelry Photo Cleaning Services:

Photo cleaning is easily one of the most important parts of jewelry photo editing. If and when necessary we will use multiple tools to clean your jewelry photos and produce a new look. We use the Photoshop clone stamp tool, pen tool and brush tool, to remove the dust, scratches, and spots from jewelry photos.

Adjusting the Contrast of your Jewelry Photos:

Adjusting the contrast of your jewelry images is essential if you want to advertise a unique photo of your jewelry on your online store. This tool is easy to use and manipulate when it comes to delivering effective jewelry retouching. It is essential to provide more appealing jewelry photos for your e-commerce store.

Background Removal for Jewelry Photo:

When the background is poor, you jewelry images loses its attraction. This doesn’t bode well for your jewelry business. Hence, the background has to be removed. We will effectively remove unwanted backgrounds. This in turn will give you professional jewelry photos to impress your buyers.

Professional Jewelry Photo Enhancement:

Photos can get the attention of your customers especially if they are edited perfectly. A poorly edited jewelry photo may hamper your business. We will provide jewelry photo enhancement for any business needs. Our jewelry photo enhancement will bring out that glittering effect in your jewelry photos.

Why Jewelry Photo Editing Services at Sparx BPO

The growth of your business is largely dependable on the quality of the images of your products. We completely understand this fact. That is why we try to give you a service which would only be beneficial for your business. We are a cost and time effective photo editing service who works hard for the client satisfaction. Our expert team of highly trained professional editors carry every solution to your photoshopping problems. So, do not be in two minds and take advantage of our high end jewellery photo editing services.

Top Reasons to Outsource Jewelry Image Editing Services to India

The importance of jewelry image editing can’t be overstated. The amazing benefits that this service brings to your online store are obvious. Normally the first thought for this service is to outsource it. If you are considering this then a place like India is a good destination for outsourcing jewelry image editing services if you want to get your desired results. We will discuss some benefits of outsourcing your jewelry image editing services to India. See benefits below:

Home to Professional Jewelry Image Editors

India, is a leading digital photo editing destination that you can outsource to. In the region, you can contract from a large pool of talented professional jewelry photo editors who fully understand how importance it is to make quality jobs and deliver on your specified time frame. Working with jewelry image editors from India is easily the most straightforward process.

Access to Qualified Team of Experts in the Sector

By outsourcing your jewelry image editing services to India, you will gain easy and quick access to a pool of qualified, experienced and fully trained professionals. These individuals will be dedicated to providing you topnotch services that will match your exact needs. In the event that you have a a work increase, a jewelry photo editing provider from India can motivate their team of experts to quickly meet your needs.

Access to Modern Trends and Image Editing Software

Indian jewelry photo editors only use the latest photo editing software. They follow the modern trends and photo editing techniques to transform images from something ordinary to an extraordinary master piece. They use the features of the Adobe Photoshop CS6 to enhance, convert and restore jewelry images.

Cost Savings for Jewelry Photo Editing

Outsourcing is generally a way of saving costs. Jewelry image editing in India is the ideal way of reducing your photo editing expenses. By outsourcing your jewelry image editing services to India you won’t have to invest on infrastructure or create an in-house team. Just outsource your jewelry photo editing services to India for professional services and save costs.

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