HR Data Entry Services

HR Data Entry Services

Outsource Data Entry Services for HR Company

Total Data Entry services & solutions for HR company including online / offline data entry, data mining/collection/scrapping from website / portal, enrollment/registration application form entry & processing, document typing, digitization, processing, resume data entry, formatting, editing, Back-office work, virtual assistance (VA).

Managing your company’s personnel processes is no easy job as human resource division in a business has a vast scope. From hiring, recruitment, training, deployment to evaluation, all the processes are intricately interlinked and have to be done efficiently because your people are your best assets. The truth is, among the HR processes, the search and recruitment of people consume the bulk of the job. Thus, it is best for your company to outsource us as a service provider that could effectively assist you in the business.

With our human resource / recruitment Data Entry, Data Mining/Extraction, Form Processing, Scanning and Conversion Services, we guarantee the accuracy of the pooling of the information of candidates for a particular job. We can encode hard and soft data of the candidate’s information for your managers’ reference and we can even categorize the data according to your required sub-setting. More so, we can also encode job qualifications and requirements information for the potential candidates’ access. An efficient HR recruitment data entry and processing service will surely work to your business’ advantage and be able to hire the right fit to do your job. For now, contact us and let us become the right fit for your data entry and processing needs.

Our HR Data Entry Services

  • Our data entry services are provided online and offline for any HR, Recruiter, Employment, Talent Management and Staffing Company.
  • Each of our data mining, collection, extraction and scraping services is very accurate.
  • Very accurate data entry services from images and scanned pages.
  • Professional data capture services from any documents or HR application forms.
  • Our professional form application processing services are also available 24/7.
  • Our experts scan application forms and convert them into required documents such as Word, PDF and Text.
  • Our high quality application form processing services are available for Staffing Companies, HR, Recruiter, Employment and Talent Management companies.
  • Any information on tax forms, handwritten forms, applications and legal forms can be digitized by our professionals.
  • We ensure to standardize the data and reduce any variations by using different tested methods in providing form data entry services.
  • Our services also manage to identify data that is irrelevant, incorrect, duplicate and incomplete in order to ensure it is fully accurate and corrected.
  • Our services include regularly validating, verifying and updating the database of each client.
  • Our form application and document scanning services allow clients to easily search, index and retrieve the information they need.
  • Our cloud document management system can also be used for uploading HR records and other documents that can be then accessed easily and quickly.
  • On-Demand HR Services and Solutions (HR/Recruiter/Employment/Talent Management/Staffing Company)

Why you choose us for outsource your HR Data Entry Project

  • Professionals that are highly skilled and strive for excellence.
  • Very high quality standard ensured by our form processing experience of more than 14 years.
  • Our professionals are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge in the field of form processing.
  • Each project has a dedicated team to ensure strategic thinking and creative ideas.
  • Our services are always delivered on time to meet any deadlines by the clients.
  • The data we process is 100% secured and confidential for each of our clients.
  • Our competitive pricing while preserving 99.99% accuracy on the work makes our services highly desired.
  • We ensure high quality customer support available 24/7 for our clients.
  • Our track record in form processing is excellent and we provide quick turnaround time.
  • Our clients are satisfied with our quality results because our motto is to make long term business relationships.
  • Each client has specific needs and we make sure to tailor them to our form processing services.

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