Business Models

Business Models

Flexible Business Models

Are you a start-up venture? Or planning to scale up your business? Or just not sure about how much you wish to invest in developer services? Sparx BPO makes it easy for its clients to choose from flexible business models that cater to their varying service requirements. You can now meet your long-term as well as short-term goals conveniently with our range of engagement models. You can choose any of the following options:

  • Fixed Price Model

If your targets and operations are relatively stable, then a fixed price model is the best option for you. A fixed model involves a pre-decided set of activities over a fixed period of time for a monthly/ quarterly fee. The team of analysts at Sparx BPO studies the client’s business strategy and sends a proposed plan for online activities (Business Requirement Document) which includes technical, operational and cost estimate details. Upon approval by the client, the plan in executed within the pre-decided time frame. After providing development solutions, Sparks also provides post-development services like training the staff on-site or any other support services as required by the client.

  • Time & Material  

For small scale businesses or for ventures that have varying service requirements, a time based model would be the most suitable one. Here the client pays the developer on an hourly basis. This type of business model is required when the client’s wants to expand the site or make some changes to the site like modifying the look and feel or adding new plug-ins. This arrangement also comes handy when the client is coming up with temporary online projects like a new marketing campaign.

Here the clients can choose their hour slots and pay an advance fee for the total hours. The pre-decided hours can be used upto a specified time period for any type of developer projects. For every hour, the client gets a detailed report of the total work done. This is the best model for ad-hoc projects and provides complete value for money.

  • Hire Dedicated Resources

For long term or strategic projects, the client can hire an entire developer team at Sparx BPO which would comprise of all the necessary personnel required like coding experts, technical developers, analysts and creative designers. The allocated team would work only on the client’s project and keep the client updated about the project on a daily basis. The team would also be equipped with customized IT infrastructure for meeting the client’s developer requirements efficiently and effectively. This model provides a complete multi-disciplinary team and kick-starts projects instantly.