Know more about How to Write 301 Redirect Rules in Magento 2 Ecommerce Store

The step 1 of the process is to login to your Magento 2 Store Admin Panel. As soon as logged in, find the “Marketing” at the left sidebar and click it. Here, you will find the “SEO & Search” menu and under it is the “URL Rewrites”. Select it then click the “Add URL Rewrite” button. At the drop-down list of the “Create URL Rewrite”, choose “Custom” then select the Default Store View drop-down where the “Store” field appears. Click it.

We hope you were able to follow the easy steps on the Redirect Rules in Magento 2. Should you need further assistance, you can contact us anytime. if you need help for magento 2 SEO services, we will help you. Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in maintaining your website’s traffic and reliability. With Magento 2, there are numerous ways to achieve SEO and one of which is through Redirects where one URL is beinfg forward to and from another URL. This will further result to a search engine friendly mechanism. To do this, follow these steps in redirecting a custom URL to your targeted URL:

As for the “Request Path” field, you need to enter the Requested URL or the previous URL which will redirect to the targeted URL. Next is the “Target Path” field where you will enter the Targeted URL this time. The targeted URL is the target of the redirect rule for Requested URL. You will then be required to set whether “Temporary (302)” or “Permanent (301)” in the “Redirect Type” using the drop-down list. This will be upon your discretion as to which one to use. Click on the “Save” button as soon as finished. You will expect to see  the notice that says, “The URL Rewrite has been saved“.

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