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Today’s popular taxi booking application development like UBER has truly made a huge turnaround in the efficiency of transportation process. Such innovation led to a better transportation system while challenging other businesses to make a wild leap towards a more productive business system.

Desiring for something like a taxi booking application will require a comprehensive understanding on how such big thing had been successfully established. Here is our guide that will let you have a good start for such project.

Taxi Booking Mobile App features:

Passenger and Driver App:

It is important to understand that different admin portals are working for the passenger and the driver.

A Passenger App must ideally have these features:

  • Registration: The first step to almost all application is the signing up phase where the customer will provide its basic information before availing the applications’ benefits.
  • Booking Details: The platform must have the capacity to key-in the journey’s details such as the point of origin and the dropping points.
  • Fare Estimate: A smart taxi app will provide a reliable fare estimate that complies to the transportation fee laws of the land while considering the demand level, traffic and travel duration.
  • Cab Choice: The interesting part of the taxi app is having the convenience of choosing the type of vehicle to transport passengers with reasonable price value.
  • Car Tracking: This feature made the transportation system more reliable as passenger will have a live and updated tracking of the booked cab’s location.
  • Driver Information: Knowing the “Star” level, passenger reviews and basic information about the driver and the vehicle adds up to the confidence of the passengers that they are being serviced by a good driver.
  • Payment: Giving a wide option for payment also provides convenience to passengers as well as security in transferring money from one entity to another.
  • Booking History: This feature makes the booking process a lot easier especially when the passenger already has a regular route in place.

A Driver App should be composed of these functions:

  • Driver Profile: It is important to have a validated full profile of the driver to be able to provide the consumers with a more secured taxi booking app.
  • Messaging Alert: Notifications on nearby passengers and response from them will make the booking process easier.
  • Fare Estimate: Even drivers need to know the estimated or even actual amount of the fare to be received from the passenger. This will help them prepare for loose change or perhaps update online connection in cases of non-cash transactions.
  • Cab Sharing: Another way to be more productive when using taxi booking app is the way it allows the cab sharing option. The bill is being divided amongst different passengers while the driver gets to drop multiple passengers.
  • Statistics: Information on how much the driver earned, reviews of passengers and other data statistics must be accurately recorded in a taxi booking app.

Admin Panel

The admin panel plays a vital role in every mobile app / portal development. This serves as the foundation of the entire application’s system and thus, it is important to carefully set up the information and specifications on it. The admin panel should have a thorough data input on how the application navigation will work in the perspective of the passenger, the driver and the people who will work on the back end of the system. In order to do this with efficiency, the developer should have a broad understanding of the intent of the taxi booking app, what benefits does it promote and what are the steps to be taken to meet those requirements. As soon as the specifications on the components, working procedure and project timeline is set, then the client can effectively complete a taxi booking app project successfully

Taxi Booking App Features:

It is highly recommended to invest on native app to come up with something like Uber or Ola. This is because of the higher level of performance that native apps have compared to hybrid ones. In creating a taxi booking app, the following important features should not be missed out:

  1. Geo Location: Having a deep understanding on how GPS works and how it can be optimally utilized is a basic thing in developing a taxi booking app. The information on the GPS working for both Androd and iOS should be extracted thoroughly to aid drivers on the routes to take, trace live location of the source and the destination and suggest fastest and practical directions towards places.


  1. User Profiling: The registration process for both drivers and passengers must be done in a swift so that the app can be used at the soonest possible time. Doing this will leave a good impression on the users about the taxi booking app’s capacity to deliver the results fast. This feature should be able to capture user information and validate them thoroughly through methods such as code sending, email validation, etc.


  1. Payment Gateway: Being able to handle the payment process in the most efficient way will win the heart of commuters. Offering a wide option for payment modes such as cash, credit card, reward points, etc. will truly work for the advantage of the users.


  1. Notifications: A real-time exchange of messages between drivers and passengers will go a long way in the commuting process. Thus, this feature should have a robust integration on the country’s messaging networks or could utilize a broad option of messaging applications.


  1. User Interface: Having an attractive and elite design for the user interface will surely call in commuters to use the taxi booking app with ease. Remember to focus on the efficiency of the navigation process in the app as well as its appearance as an app.

The Cost and Returns:

Developing taxi booking apps will entail cost and that is a fact. With all the requirements and specifications mentioned above, an investor could spend an average of $20,000 for setting up such app. However, the returns for the said capitalization can go for as high as $0.19 per booking. Using these figures alongside the demand and forecasted use of the taxi booking app to be developed will let one know the profit that a business could make.

When choosing to invest on a taxi booking app, it would be your utmost concern to provide convenience to commuters on top of the returns on investment.

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