How to Setup Multi Store in Magento 2

To create a new website, fill the form for the new website after clicking “Create Website.” The information to encode are the Name that refers to the name of the website, the Code or the store code that has to be a unique one, the Sort order and the Set as Default  where you will determine through ticking if the new website will be the default store for your Magento 2.

First thing that you need to do is the Configuration process. Go to the admin panel and go to Stores > Settings > All Stores. As you will see, you can view here the list of all the stores that have already been set up. This time add a new store by clicking the button in the top right portion tab “Create Website”.

Having a multiple companies of one ownership is common these days and so is true with those businesses venturing into online selling. With this, some companies of this structure have the option to set-up multiple stores in one website. One of the advantages in doing this is to keep a single database of the customers, business partners and other vital information that the multiple stores owned by one can share. So in this work instruction, we will show you how to set-up the Multi Store in Magento 2.

After completing on the details, clicking the “Save Website” will save the work. Return to the list of stores that you set up. This time, the new website should now be added to the list.

For the creation of the store, click the “Create Store” button on the Stores > Settings > All Stores page. Another form has to be filled to configure out the new store. Fill in the details for the Web Site to be used for your new store, the Name that refers to the name of your new store, the Root Category. Save the work and return to the store’s list. Expect to have the store as assigned to the new website that you setup in the previous section.

In creating a store view, another form will be filled out with the details such as the Store, Name, Code, Status  as to whether your store view will be enabled/disabled and the Sort order, which is not mandatory in this form. Click on the Save button and you are now ready to configure your new store. To do this, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration. Select your new store from the dropdown located in the top right. Click on the General > Web tab and add your Base URL for your new store front.

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