The Right Apparel Image Editing Processes Save Money And Your Reputation

The apparel image editing industry changes constantly. Trends come and go each season. Notwithstanding, there are some things that remain the same. For this content, we have identified some apparel image retouching processes that will help you save money and your reputation.

Prepare your Products

You want the products you sample on your online store to look their best as you showcase them to prospective customers. Clothing can be wrinkled and creased. Clothing samples even be received in old, or unfinished conditions. Preparing these garments properly before capturing and sampling them on your e-commerce store will save you money.

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Use a Mannequin or Live Model

Photographing a garment for your apparel store on a mannequin or live model is cost saving. It is always one of the best ways to showcase the garment’s shape which will in turn encourage prospective customers to visualize how the outfit will look when worn by themselves.

Use Adequate Lighting

You don’t want to be the ecommerce retailer whose apparel images look underexposed. Bright lighting must be your biggest concern as an online apparel store owner. Ensuring you expose your product images correctly will accurately sample your products’ colors and other details. It will make your inventory look clean and more professional.

Provide Enough Imagery

Contrary to the common belief, having one or two images of a product isn’t enough to give your prospective customers the actual feel regarding the quality and cost-effectiveness of your inventory. It is important to give your visitors enough information about each product. This can be done by uploading 3 images per product.

Edit your Product Images Properly

Most e-commerce retailers fail to edit their product images in the right way. To keep all your apparel images consistent and cut down your post-processing time, try to develop standard specifications for your shooting and editing processes Properly edited photos will save you money.

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