How to Optimize Images for Magento 2 store

As for the image size or resolution, be careful on getting a high-resolution image being displayed in tiny thumbnail. In fact, the secret to optimizing image resolution is to save one image into multiple versions, that is, of different resolutions so as it could be used according to the screen devices to be used. With that, here are the tips to take in order to optimize images on your website that is powered by Magento 2. The image format is an essential key in getting the right quality for your website images. Saving these files in the right format such as JPEG for smaller size or PNG for a truly quality result can be your choice. Animated images like GIF is often avoided when animation features are not necessary.

What good is an online store website without quality images on it? The challenge for web developers and website administrators on the image to upload on their website is often about balancing between quality and size of the image so as not to compromise the loading speed of a page.

Compressing the images is helpful in keeping the right size small without compromising quality. Doing so will do away with the unnecessary metadata.

These three tips will surely be of great help for you but it is good for you to know that Magento is also offering an option through image optimization extensions. To know more about how this will work, you may schedule a consultation with today’s best Magento support service provider. Contact us.

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