How Much Does a Magento 2 Store Development Cost?

In the development community of Magneto, many agencies are reluctant in sharing pricing tiers on their websites. It is not due confidentiality but for the fact that pricing varies with the project’s uniqueness and other factors. It is impossible to say, as it is not possible for two projects of the same nature exist together as each project is different from the other. In terms of agencies, the same statement is used of not having two identical agencies. One of them might be working offshore while the other working out of New York. One agency may be collaborating with Magento Gold Partner while the other might offer services and platforms based on Magento.

More guidelines from a small agency perspective based upon $50,000 ideal entry point

  • A simple yet effective Magento community edition website based on version number 2
  • A theme in the customized form
  • Multiple pre-installed extensions to promote the abilities your site
  • Various customizations that are not part of installed modules

More information:

Custom made combinations along with external CRM or ERP may add up the tally to $10-20K. The price could be half as well if an off-shelf solution exists.

For installation, we often charge the price of an extension. If this seems something new, please read the section of module installation

The use of Commerce which is the formerly enterprise edition might not increase the price of using the project.


An entry point of $75k-$100k exists in many large agencies. In the case of offshoring, the price could be saved to almost half of the project’s cost. Developers working on freelancing would definitely reduce the cost of their skill as compared to the price of an agency but the efficiency of the two working ends may vary.

Discovery phase – what is it?

A small project that allows you to discuss and research the upcoming project. For this reason, it may cost you almost 10% cost of the overall project. Often, it is deemed very important as it either makes or breaks the whole project. The basic requirements are collected, negotiations are fulfilled and scope is defined in broader aspects.

It may sound an extra step of an existing project but in the end, it would all look as ‘it was worth it’ as is truly essential. You get the roadmap or the plan in place for the project.

What is the cost of migrating Magneto 1 to Magento 2?

To be precise, the conversion is not a single click process. For this, you need some solid financial ability to convert Magento 1 to magneto 2. What is that amount? Simple. You save more when the more code is copied from M1 to M2.

In our opinion, the process of Magento conversion from Magento 1 to Magneto 2 would cost you almost 50 to 75% of a newly build magneto system

What can be copied from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Database: there may arise some issues throughout the process but the database migration tools work just fine. Know that a conversion would result in some downtime while the website launch where the customers and orders are copied from an M1 site into an M2 format.

What can be partially copied from M1 to M2?

You can easily copy the idea and most of its structure along with the custom code. Since there are many differences to M2’s core code, this must be taken into account as well.

Based on our experiences, these prices are just guidelines.

  • $20,000 -$50,000

Duration: mostly 30 days or less

Also known as the entry point for Magento website. The price mostly relates to the basic adjustments and default settings.

Know that on an e-commerce platform, Magento works selflessly and greater pace. To do so, you would be asked to accept Magneto’s method in most cases. This becomes much easier for many customers than it is for others.

With such pricing, you could expect to get the following features:

  1. A simple design quite similar to the theme of Magento Luma Default
  2. Customization should be an option made available
  3. Modern styling system should be available for use (SASS)
  4. A deployment system
  5. Investing in this system, with a lower price point would let you confirm you would have an easy code deployment and quick updates as well.
  6. Support with the migration process
  7. A small amount would be available for this
  8. The transfer of data from one to another system should be made possible in the case of converting from Magento 1 to Magento 2

However, this may not be possible if you are converting from another platform.

  • $50,000 – $75,000


The launch time would be longer but the duration of development would not be more than 1-2 months.

For most builds, this is the entry point. To lower the prices, some sacrifices could be made to the features but it is vital to know you may not be satisfied with the result. A lot of time is invested in making the Magento just the way you want for your store.

Prices that you could expect at such points:

  1. Something near to the custom feel and look
  2. The advantage here is that your website would look unique all because of its difference from the basic Magento theme. For the customers’ expectations and views, it would be more customized, having more to offer.
  3. The most time-consuming element is of the theme work
  4. To facilitate parts of the design, there are likely to be custom features
  5. Works well with IE 11+, Firefox, and Chrome
  6. Tested and worked on various browsers to make sure it looks good

Some of the examples for off the shelf modules to promote

Some examples are as follows:

  1. Order attribute:

This option lets you insert comments on the whole process, which ultimately suits you with valuable suggestions and feedback. In addition, the customers may also provide their shipping information, a note containing thanks, and much more.

  1. Shopping feed – google:

Migration process assistance:

If you are coming from a different platform, Magento might seem complex. For this reason, you would highly appreciate the assistance in understanding how Magento customizes everything as per your needs.

  1. SASS – the use of modern styling system:

This is useful for the styling of your website and is termed as the language of the future. Using SASS would help you secure your data and site making it future-proof. In addition, the Magento 2 ships with less, which is almost outdated.

  1. Modern deployment system:

A feature that allows you to easily deploy the code. Meaning, the process becomes easier; many problems are eliminated and is repeatable. The transfer of old data where Magento assist in providing the majority of the functionality.

  1. Offshoring:

Big agencies would usually take a longer lead-time of 10 to 15 % but would also be giving more benefit using the edge of their experience. However, it is possible for them not to accept a project of such price range. The idea of offshoring might let you save half of the project’s cost but does force you to wait longer than the expected due time. Since freelancers deal with many customers at a single time, it is impossible to believe whether their given deadlines would end as they promised.

  • $75,000 – $150,000


More investment, bigger project, hence more time ranging to almost 2-4 months of development time.

A mid-tier Magento website create and attracts for creative freedom and flexibility to promote the website and making sure it is as per the needs of the customers

At such a price point, you can expect the following features:

  1. In-depth detailed phase to confirm the needed features along with its scope
  2. The testing of a user to make sure the new look of the site does not look too shiny to the customers and resonates with your end consumer
  3. Development of custom significant features, which would facilitate your unique business processes, or in short to increase the customer facing abilities

ERP Combination:

Advice via migration process and additional SEO monitoring

Larger offshoring:

For larger agencies, this project seems to be a vital entry point. Such large-sized projects must be dealt with caution while being offshored. While coordinating with a freelancer on a given project of such immense size, the freelancer may need to hire someone else for assistance.


Duration: at least four months or even more than that.

At the given range of price, the website is most likely to be made custom. A few important points are listed as follows:

Extra fast and super frontend made on the latest framework of JavaScript. Such feature improves the overall customer experience while they use your website. An example of high quality includes of having such a brilliant interface.

However, with such a large size, you may face some complications like undertaking the relevant project management processes.

What can never be copied from M1 to M2?

In short, the custom modules which are quite different from M1 to M2. Hence, you would have to buy them again. At this stage, the marketplace is still trying to keep up with the changes in M2 where not all the modules are easily available. Hence, custom built of such modules would come into existence very soon.

The theme is another important aspect where the base theme of M2 is a complete rewrite. At this level, most often work is connected to migration. This is considered as an upgrade to the built of Magento with the latest standards of web technology. Creating a code base, which is future-proof as well.

Such conversions are considered with the same importance as is a newly build website. The process as well is also quite the same.

Can you remove an item to reduce the cost?

A tricky question but since most agencies want their customers Happy, some adjustments may be made to make each party go happily at the end of the day depending upon the nature of the requirement. Sometimes, to reduce costs, agencies have to go backward as well.

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