Magento 2 SEO – 7 Clever SEO Strategies to Protect Rankings, Boost Traffic, and Drive Sales

The current framework is rapidly shifting. Which is why magento 2 SEO techniques change from time to time. If you are not current, you might not notice these changes. Previous tips that could have given you front-page results are now obsolete and may even hurt your site’s rankings.Highlighted here are some of recent clever SEO strategies to protect rankings, boost traffic and drive sales.

Optimize for Voice Search

50% of all online searches are voice searches. Half of all everyone using Google search engines aren’t typing their queries. Everyone is now using a voice-assisted device.

Focus on Topic Clusters

Google algorithm is evolving. Its current objective is to know the intention of users. It’s about what users expect, what they’re searching for and, how their search results would answer their query.

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Longer Content Means Higher Ranking

A recent study concluded that longer content, increases the likelihood of ranking in the SERPs. However, there’s no yard stick to tell how long your content has to be.

Incorporate YouTube SEO

YouTube videos typically rank in the top 10 Google searches than any other video type. Forbes, recently listed YouTube as the second most popular search engine. The platform records 3 billion searches monthly.

Build Backlinks

It isn’t surprising that backlinks have become important in SEO implementation. According to Google, backlinks remain the number 1 consideration when it comes to finding out about search ranks. Ranking without links is hard.

Incorporating Landing Pages and Listings

Do you know that nearly half (that is 46%) of all searches on Google are done by people seeking local information. You can’t afford to neglect local SEO and listings. Target these local searchers with landing pages and listings.

Clever Use of Keywords

Keywords in SEO are now used differently. Although they remain a crucial requirement. Without keywords, prospects may never find you. This is why keywords must remain at the pinnacle of your SEO strategy.

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