Looking For Jewelry Photo Editing Services: Important Checklist (A Data Entry Company)

Outsourcing your jewelry image editing services will give you time to focus on your business. It will help you meet aggressive deadlines, and offer you cost savings benefits that beat what hiring an in-house jewelry photo editor will offer. No matter your level of experience in the jewelry business or whatever your goal is, choosing the right jewelry photo retouching service provider will be an overwhelming endeavor. Here is an important checklist to help you smoothen the process.Questions to ask:

What equipment do you use for your tasks?

A professional jewelry photo editing service provider should have the appropriate tools and equipment to accomplish their tasks and edit the photos according to your needs. Obviously, you will want to work with a provider who uses the best editing software and tools as well as those who adopt the latest trends.

How many jewelry photos can we expect to be edited during the course of the contract?

The appropriate answer to this question will depend on the task at hand or what the retailer wants. For straightforward and minor jewelry photo editing jobs you can expect more copies in shorter periods. But the more complicated jobs will take more time.

What is your fee structure?

Generally jewelry photo editors may charge hourly, a whole day (or half a day) and longer depending on the nature of the photo. Before interviewing any provider it is essential to know how jewelry photo editing service providers charge for their services.

Are you insured?

This answer to the above question should be “yes.” Should the provider give you a no to this question then that should serve as a bad signal. Because in the event that there’s equipment damage, or accidents both parties could be in an unwarranted legal difficulty.

What about your work background?

Here you have to allow the provides portfolio to do most of the talking. This can make you more comfortable when making a decision regarding who to work with.

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