Learn more about Installing Magento 2 on Localhost Using XAMPP Server

The basic thing to do first is, of course, to download and extract Magento 2 from its official website. Following this is the use of the xampp/htdocs where you will create the directory with a name ‘magento.’ We need to extract the Magento 2.1.4 archive from the xampp/htdocs/magento. After creating such, open the XAMPP control panel and look for the Apache’s Config. Click it then navigate to PHP (php.ini).

However, beginners and even some experts might need these pieces for them to effectively install the Magento 2 version on Localhost through the use of XAMPP. Choosing Magento 2 is a widely preferred option for web designers and e-commerce businesses today because of how powerful this upgraded version is.

The next part might sound too technical but just follow these steps:

Search for extension=php_intl.dll and extension=php_xsl.dll lines. This is necessary because we need to remove the semicolon (;) at the beginning from both lines. After doing so, start the Apache and MySQL services from XAMPP control panel.

For the installation proper of the Magento 2 on Localhost, go to phpMyAdmin and create a database with the name magento2. Go to the web browser open localhost/magento where you will click the Agree and Setup Magento option.

Perform the Readiness check from here and once you succeed, proceed by clicking Next where the database configuration page will appear after. In this part, you need to enter the database details and database name. Remember that these should be similar to the one you created in phpMyAdmin (magento2). Proceed by clicking Next to complete the processes of web configuration, your store, and admin panel address.

Store customization process will happen next, followed by the creation of the Admin account. After doing so, the Install Now button will appear and up you go to the installation process. By this time, you may now open your store through localhost/magento where your log-in activity awaits.

Everything seems too easy, right but should you have further clarifications and advance information needed, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are all set to assist you.

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