A Good Product Description is Important for your Business. Here’s Why (A Data Entry Firm)

Don’t talk to me directly but make sure I have all the information available. That’s the attitude customers have these days. They are finicky. They dislike direct, hard sales yet they want to buy and are looking for products. So do you manage to connect with such customers?

It’s tricky but here’s the trick – Product Descriptions.

When we walk into a brick and mortar store, we prefer browsing through the shelves on our own rather than having salesmen hovering around us talking us into buying a particular brand or product.

We dislike direct sales as we feel we are being pressurized to do something. We need our own time and space to make up our mind. That’s the case with traditional shopping. Even with e-commerce we dislike push notifications and messages that pressurize us to buy a particular product. That’s where Product Descriptions do the trick!

What are Product Descriptions and how do they convince?

Product Descriptions are subtle sales pitches. They are not direct pitches with blatant promotions. They are a bunch of text on an ecommerce website that tell us about all the features and benefits of a particular product in a way that shows how the said product would add value to our lives without directly asking us to buy the product.

Let’s take a look at the example below:-

Example 1:

The best gel-based hand-wash you could have asked for this holiday season! Purely a herbal product with no added chemical. Don’t miss this chance! Grab now at best prices! Best product in the category. Good for your hands. Available in a range of fragrances. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

Example 2:

Derived from purely herbal products, this gel-based hand-wash is the best you could have asked for this holiday season. This hand-wash in gel form contains glycerin keeps your hands clean, soft and supple this winter. Say goodbye to dry, rough hands. You hands feel as though you’ve just applied moisturizer! Available in a range of festive fragrances to rouse your holiday spirits and calm your senses.

Which description do you think is more effective? Obviously the second one. It makes no direct statement that you should buy the product yet it indirectly tells you to buy it by stating all the features and reasons how it would be a good choice.

It’s a matter of playing with words to create a positive impact in the minds of the customer. Sure, a good design, attractive photos go a long way but in the end it’s the product descriptions that has the final impact.  A product description is where you can tell your customer why your product is the best and why they should buy it.

Here’s what a good Product Description can achieve for your brand…

Entice People and Sell your Product – A product description not just explains in detail all the features of the product but also does the job of convincing the customer that the product in question is exactly what they need. You need to arrest your customer’s attention with the help of a good design, clear images and a descriptive product description so that they go ahead and place the order. for more information about ecommerce products data entry & Ecommerce products Image editing services, connect with us.

Get some SEO Juice – A good descriptive product description also helps with your SEO rankings. A well-written description with usage of proper keywords will definitely up your rankings. Of course for your listings to rank high all other factors matter too like title, images, tags, description with keywords, length etc. Different e-commerce portals like Amazon, eBay etc have different parameters for rankings.

It’s well worth your while to follow the guidelines and optimize your listings accordingly as good rankings help with visibility and greater your visibility, higher will be the traffic. Good traffic will ultimately result in greater sales!

Help In Brand Building – Refurbishing and modifying product descriptions from time to time can also help with SEO, brand building, visibility etc. This is especially true for small businesses trying to work their way up in the ecommerce industry. Product descriptions are nothing but detailed description of what you sell. What we mean here is not just technical specs as that will make it sound boring. A well-crafted product description will explain the features of the product along with what value it would add to the buyer’s lives. It’s basically telling a story about how your brand/product will change the lives of the buyers for the better! Your product description is a reflection of who you are as a brand.

Influences Purchase Decisions – With such fierce competition in the market today, brands are struggling to compete to get their brand noticed. The best way to achieve this is through engaging content that speaks directly to the buyer’s mind. A good design can help drive visitors to your site but its product content that keeps them reading, exploring products long enough to want to finally want to experience the product or brand that you are communicating to them. A good product content or description will have the power to root the product in the buyer’s mind thus generating leads.

Increase Customer Loyalty – Fine, you manage to attract buyers to your site and convince them to make the purchase. But there is no guarantee of the fact that they will remain customers for life. What’s needed is well-crafted engaging personalized content on a consistent basis that conveys the expertise of your brand in a particular product or niche. This will build customer’s trust in your brand and that in turn will translate into customer’s loyalty. By customer loyalty we mean not just willingness for repeat purchase but also possibility of referrals.


As a brand, you have no excuse not to provide good engaging content. The fact is that if you want to establish an emotional connect with your audience, unique, personalized, well-crafted content is imperative. For your product content to be persuasive your product description should convey all the information they will need to take a decision that will add value to their lives.

The description should be unique and tailored to your target market. It should be written in such a way that is easy to read and understand. Remember an online buyer will read your description line by line. They’ll just scan through the text and you have to manage to catch their attention with that split second. This alone will help you build a brand that will withstand the test of time. You can also outsource product description writing services for a better result.

Challenge is not in getting customers, the real challenge lies in creating content that will convince them to want to know more about your product offerings. Little wonder then, that companies and brands are willing to hire professional writers who can write enticing product copies.

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