Five Signs of Disorganization in Your Magento 2 Store

If you are using Magento as your e-commerce software, it is easy to ignore things that can make your store appear much more appealing than most others. Owning an online store has never been easier to do. Anybody who has created a product or is willing to be an affiliate for other products can create an e-commerce store, provided they have some kind of web hosting.While creating an online store is easy, organizing it takes some work.

Here are five signs that your Magento store may not be as organized as it could be.

1 –  Different numbers of products on different pages

This is a common mistake that newcomers to Magento make, and there are a couple of reasons for it.

The first of these reasons is that there are simply not enough products being sold. While the solution for this may appear to be to have more products to sell, a more practical solution would be to simply have each page feature the same amount of products.

Another reason is that you might be attempting to feature too many products on a single page. This can lead to later pages in your catalogue to only feature one or two products, where your other pages can feature dozens.

This can be solved by simply making every page feature the same amount of products. This may require you to work a bit with the pages you have made, but it will make your store look much better.

2 – Inconsistent contact forms on each page

Contact forms are necessary for any online store. This is especially true if you are using Magento as an online store.

Another thing that can affect the organization of your online store are inconsistent contact forms. Contact forms should either be on all pages or on no pages at all.

If some pages contain contact forms and some do not, this will make buyers question the credibility of your page.

Many e-commerce store owners overlook the fact that potential buyers do pay attention to minor details such as this, and it will affect what they purchase, if they purchase anything from the store at all.

3 – Being too ambitious with design

Magento offers a lot of options when it comes to how your online store looks. This can create a great temptation to get more ambitious with how your store looks.

While it is a very good idea to make sure that your online store does not look overly plain or boring, it is also possible to overwhelm audiences if you are too ambitious.

The reason that people go to online stores is to purchase things, and although an online store may look very appealing to you, some buyers will be overwhelmed by how the store looks and will be turned off.

There is an exception to this, and that is if your audience or target market are drawn to online stores that are designed to grab attention.

Before you decide to make your Magento online store “stand out,” be aware of the potential sacrifice you might be making when you do this. Refuse the temptation to be too flashy with your online store’s design.

4 – Not enough filters or categories

Any successful online store knows that customers spend much more time “window shopping” than physically purchasing products.

This is true online and offline, and one thing that can turn potential buyers off is that a lack of filters and categories that online products entail.

Buyers want to shop with confidence and they are attracted to options, even if these options are an illusion.

Because of this, it is very important to categorize your products. Do all you can to create categories for your products, no matter what the products are.

One thing to be very aware of is that this can conflict with the first point, which refers to the number of products on each page. If you use categories to organize what is being sold, you run the risk of having a different number of products on each page.

5 – Item descriptions that are not grammatically perfect

This is more of a credibility issue, but it could just as well be an organization issue, since both are equally important when it comes to online stores.

This also seems like it is common sense, but if you check out any given online store and look for mistakes in item descriptions, you will see dozens of them.

Addressing this issue will take some time, and will take much longer than you might think. No matter how much time you need to take or who you need to hire, you must take the effort to make sure every item description in your online store is grammatically perfect. It will make the store look much more credible and will lead to a lot more sales.

If you want to see how successful your online store is, and want to track exactly how well it is performing, consider investing in software that tracks all these numbers for you. If you address these five signs, you will see the most important numbers go up.

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