How to Enhance Your B2B Capabilities with Magento 2 Commerce Cloud?

Now, talking about rendering seamless online buying experiences, one name always comes up, and that is – Magento. The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites for Midsize Organization has named Magento a leader in the B2B commerce arena. And why not? For over several years now, Magento has come up with an array of services and products for the users. One more significant addition to its kitty is – Magento Commerce Cloud.

It is a robust B2B module which has taken the experience of merchants and corporate buyers to whole another level. It comes with plenty of new B2B features and provides ample amount of opportunities for the Magento Platform. So, what are the cardinal features of Magento Commerce Cloud? And how can it help you to enhance your B2B potential? Let’s find out. Whether you are a B2B marketplace or a B2C one, customers that buy from you would always want you to deliver a B2C kind of experience. Which means, a smooth and interactive one. So, if you are a B2B product or service provider, you need to gear up. In case you fail to do so, the customers are sure to go to your competitors to fulfill their requirements.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

Magento’s Cloud Edition enables you to manage different ecommerce brands across different geographies. So, whether it is a B2B portal or a B2C one, it includes custom branding which you can use to manage diversified set of brands.

Corporate Account Management

Through corporate account management feature, the digital cloud for B2B enables professionals to undertake a more customer specific approach. Using it, the users can create a customizable organizational structure. They can do much more. Take a look at some of the points given below:

  • Offer different types of shipping and payment options to customers and assigned customer groups.
  • Apply payment restrictions based on the customer groups
  • Control the access of admin to certain parts of Magento store
  • You can integrate several third-party platforms to your Magento 2 backend so that you can enhance your productivity and obtain better results

Enhance Order Management Routine

  • Based on their type of subscriptions, you can let your customers buy goods
  • Export the order data to the third-party platform with ease
  • Enable your customers to buy in bulk from the catalog without having to visit product pages
  • Negotiate price and manage quotes
  • Quote management helps you to exchange quotes with customers seamlessly. You can review requests of your customers, deny or accept them

Quick Ordering

This is one of the most remarkable enhancements that Magento 2 Cloud has offered. It comes with several ordering features and enables you to make use of requisitions, copy past orders, upload lists with SKUs and fully leverage re-orders. It takes all the speculation out of the ordering process.

Custom Price List

Last but not the least, it is a core feature of Magento Commerce B2B module that enables the users to create customized catalogs as well as price lists. There are several Magento 2 B2B merchants that make use of this functionality and exploit it to implement different prices for different customers including individual customers or a group of customers.

Through these features, Magento provides you with the best of B2B market functionalities. The appearance of Magento Cloud Edition made it easy for B2B merchants and helped them to expand the market niche. If you are looking forward to expand the capabilities of your B2B store, investing into Magento Commerce Cloud can work wonders.


There are several companies that can help you integrate the B2B cloud module to your business so that you can streamline your business functionalities and work at the best of your abilities. You just need to ensure that you strike a deal with the right Magento Development Company.

Go through their website, know about their experience, renderings, and check out their company portfolio. It will give you a better idea as to what kind of companies they have worked with and whether or not they will be able to meet with your requirements. Once you have set your expectations clear, you would be able to get what you want. All the best with your B2B endeavors!

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Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of Biztech IT Consulting and Solutions, providing finest Magento Development Services. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various Aspects of ecommerce technology.

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