On-demand B2B & B2C Real Estate Portal Development Key Features:

We can help any real estate brand and entrepreneur in developing on-demand real estate portals. Property search is very common online and if you have decided to be part of the property rush then you will need a partner to help you reach brand identity and functionality.

On-demand Real Estate Portal Development Key Features:

  • Our real estate portal development services provide the option for buyers, agents, sellers and other service providers to login as well as setup their accounts.
  • Featuring properties is possible with complete details by each agent, seller and builder.
  • Available integration of MLS or IDX listings.
  • Available listing of properties on the real estate portal that can be under many different categories.
  • Available a wide range of popular real estate classifieds that can be used by all of the on-demand real estate portal users.
  • Advanced paid services provided with the help of the integrated payment gateways.
  • Agents can promote individual accounts presenting them as a separate web portal to any of the buyers that are targeted.
  • Buyers can use the property locator feature which makes it quite easy to find any results on the basis of pricing, requirements, as well as location.
  • The on-demand real estate portal admin can use the control panel in order to manage any of the website updates and moderate all of the reviews.
  • Reports available on all of the important factors such as demographics of the buyers, trend analysis, and more.
  • It is possible to display advertisements of a third party in order to have additional revenue.
  • All sellers and agents on the portal development can have reviews and ratings in order to stand out from the others with the help of established connections.
  • Our on-demand real estate portal development services provide functionality in order to manage large numbers of users.
  • A wide variety of marketing tools are also available to satisfy each customer.
  • An EMI calculator is also available for each user of the on-demand real estate portal.
  • User management and newest SEO tools can also be used in order to get the most out of the real estate portal.

On-demand Real Estate Portal Development Costs

The cost of the on-demand real estate portal developments depend on many factors such as content creation, project management, web designing, web development, CMS integration, maintenance, human resources, advertisement and more. Because of this, depending on all of your requirements the cost can vary from $5,000 to $30,000.

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