Best Free Extension / Module for Magento 2 Store Development

Better blog : SEO friendly and without a framework such as WordPress, Better Blog has been rated by its users with 4.9 stars. The Better Blog extension allows you to manage categories, posts, comments on Magento 2 back-end. The system will update for you when there is a new comment submitted. This is a great solution for building relevant SEO-friendly text links, and serves as assistance in building sales strategy. It is a great start for beginners and a good tool for people that use Magento since it was first released.

Are you in a rush and want to build your own ecommerce website? Don’t know where to start from and you try to figure out if you keep on heading on the right path, so as to do what you love and even earn your living from your website? If the answer is yes, then it is high time for you to be introduced to Magento 2 extensions, the ultimate tool that will help you use all the possible potentials for your work.

Everyone wants it all and everyone wants it now, but free is even better, so today we are going to get closer to Free Magento 2 extensions with best reviews!

Better SEO: Being ranked with 4,9 stars, using Better SEO helps you definitely to improve your site ranking and boost your site traffic. By automatically preventing duplicated content, this SEO extension will eliminate traffic loss and negative effects to the search ranking of your site. As a result, this helps boost the SEO performance significantly. A must

Magento 2 SMTP: Magento 2 SMTP helps you improve your email reputation which is vital for every email marketing campaign.No wonder why it is rated with 4.9 stars, it has become a must have tool for your website.

All you need are great tools to help you cope with the everyday hustle. You don’t need either have all the data in your mind or pay a fortune every month to have it all done. Install the free extensions for your Magento 2 website and experience the easy tech life.

About Sparx BPO:

We are full-scale Magnto 2 development company located at ahmedabad, gujarat, india. we are specializing in handcrafted custom magneto 2 extension development as per client’s demand.

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