8 Ways to Improve Magento 2 Website Performance & Speed for 2X Conversions

For easy loading and mobile first policy it is essential to reduce thumbnail image size.  get the perfect image editing for your products. Magento 2 is the go to platform for e-commerce stores. How can you improve Magento 2 site performance and speed for 2X conversions? Find several ways to accomplish this below.

  1. Use Only a Fast and Reliable Hosting Service

Because your hosting service and infrastructure has the potential to make or break your overall ecommerce platform’s performance, you need to go for something faster and more reliable.

  1. Leverage a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A CDN consists of a set of optimized servers dispersed around the globe. This solution distributes the load of spreading content via the closest server to the visitor’s position.

  1. Use Google Tag Manager To Organize Your Tracking

To optimize your ecommerce site and digital marketing model successfully, you must gather a host of customer information. Google Tag Manager can help you achieve this.

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  1. Optimize Your Mobile Performance

Having a Magento 2 mobile-first ecommerce site has become highly critical. Make sure you optimize your e-commerce site’s mobile UX.

  1. Sparingly Utilize Pop-up Quick View Windows

It is normal to provide your site’s visitors a pop-up quick view window displaying a particular product. This is essential rather than having them click through a product page. However, this could be annoying at times and slow your platform hence it should be used sparingly.

  1. Watch Out for Excessive Liquid Loops

Liquid is a powerful Shopify proprietary language. However, there are some functions you should be aware its pitfalls and added benefits. Liquid Loops is one of them.

  1. Reduce Thumbnail Image Size

When using a carousel feature for your homepage’s “Best Selling Products”, data is typically being gotten from your product pages before they are displayed in thumbnail fashion.

  1. Make Homepage Hero Slides Less Complicated

Carefully consider any multi-image slideshows before deciding to add them to your e-commerce site. Size and quality are essential for a hero slider to appear good can quickly load. Hence, the should be less complex.

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