6 Ways Online Real Estate Data Entry Services Minimize the Risk of Theft

Choose right real estate data entry company can help you minimize the risk of theft. Its processes are specifically designed to reduce the occurrence of employee theft in so many ways. When employee theft and fraud is left unchecked, it could cost the company millions of dollars and even billions in the long term. It often originates from bookkeeping or in house data entry staff.

Few ways to minimize the risk of theft with online Real Estate Data Entry Services:

1. You won’t need blank checks

Implementing online real estate data entry services allows you to send checks in PDF format with the amount to be paid and the payee names. It is relatively easy to generate checks online and print directly from your company account. Staff in the bookkeeping department cannot steal blank checks from the office and write themselves checks. Also, you will always have access to the records online.

2. Electronic transactions:

The company account cannot be accessed by the data entry team via electronic transactions

Data entry staff or bookkeepers cannot initiate any payment or withdrawal online without your express authorization.

3. Track Transactions

You can track transactions or payments with this system. The bookkeeper can inform you of all transactions even if you were not aware of them. This information can be sent via email. Where bank transactions are conducted on the company’s account without your permission, you can see all the data at your request.

4. Notifications

When a bookkeeper audits the company bank, loan, business cards and credit card account, you can receive a notification of all the outstanding items that require immediate attention.

5. Receive list of missing check numbers monthly

This system allows you to receive a list of the missing check number every month. This gives you insight on how the checks have been used. If employees are printing checks without your consent, then you will know.

6. Review Your General Ledger

One of the advantages of this system is that it allows you to review the general ledger monthly. The financial controller can inform you of all the discrepancies in the company records. It is unarguably the best way to detect employee fraud.

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